<aside> 💡 About this doc:

This doc is a sample meeting doc that relates to my write-up on Run efficient meetings that don’t suck. Feel free to duplicate this doc and turn it into a template for your own workspace.


<aside> ☝ Note: Everything the meeting owner fills out is in green. Everything the participants have to fill out is in purple.


When: Every other Wednesday at 1:00pm PST

Desired outcome of this meeting: To align the engineering team on what they did last sprint, what they intend to do this sprint, and unblock where necessary.


Meeting Owner: Dorothy (Head of Engineering)

Meeting Participants: Engineering Team (Sam, Terry, Jamie)

Meeting Observers: Caleb (Designer who wants to sit in to observe)

Team, please copy the following template and fill it out. When you are done, please paste in your responses under the appropriate sections. Thank you! -Dorothy